America's Network



In addition to our ethernet transport services, Zinga Networks also exports high-capacity IP transit to the region’s major data facilities. Our redundant IP cores in DC, San Jose,  Chicago, St Louis, along with our control center in Richmond KY paired with our dynamically scalable network backbone ensures the capacity needed for our bandwidth intensive customers. Zinga’s numerous Tier 1 IP transit upstreams coupled with a dense peering fabric create a highly resilient BGP blend that completely eliminates the risk of a single disruption of customer traffic caused by a Tier 1 outage or peering dispute.

Peering over Zinga Networks’s Virtual Exchange reduces costly transport and co-location by allowing you to take advantage of the “carrier hotel” .  Over 80,000 private peer routes are reachable through our unique peering agreements. We can directly connect our clients to every major CDN, content provider and “eyeball” network, all with 10G or multi-10G interfaces.