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networkBringing carrier-class internet directly to you at the
fastest speeds with the lowest cost.

Zinga Networks is the regions most sophisticated Internet provider. We provide carrier-class internet service up to 10Gbps, boasting the fastest speeds and the lowest costs in the market. A typical business class connection is not capable of the symmetrical transfer rates that Zinga provides out of the box in even our most basic packages.

Zinga Network’s office connectivity also comes along with many customization tools that are normally seen on carrier-class connections only. This makes our office connectivity good for both business customers who want a high performance Internet connection, and/or the more savvy BGP-speaking enterprise customers that are looking for sophistication in traffic engineering and support.

  • Carrier-class internet service up to 10Gbps, directly to your office.
  • Fastest speeds, lowest costs in the regional marketplace.
  • Exceptional symmetrical transfer rates right out of the box for even our most basic connectivity packages.
  • Customization tools for your convenience.
  • Sophistication in traffic engineering and support.

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