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ZINGA Network and Telecommunications Solutions

Cabling Solutions

Did you know nearly everything in your business requires the correct cables and connection equipment to operate within your business?

Zinga Networks installs top-quality cable and equipment for voice, data, and surveillance systems. The cables and equipment installed are tested and certified to ensure you receive the quality and reliability needed for your critical business communication systems. We’re proud to offer a 10 warranty on all category 6 & 7 networks we install through Panduit. We also handle everything from pre-wiring, testing, moves, adds, and service changes.

Zinga Networks also offers advanced WI-FI solutions in networking between buildings by setting up either licensed or non-licensed broadcast systems depending on your requirements.

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Interior Cabling & Termination

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Category 5e Ethernet Cable
  • Category 6 Ethernet Cable
  • Category 3 Voice Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Patch Cable
  • Relay Racks

Exterior Cabling & Termination

  • Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cables
  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cables
  • Direct Burial Voice Cables
  • Aerial Voice Cable

Interior & Exterior Certification Services

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Category 5e Ethernet Cable
  • Category 6 Ethernet Cable
  • Category 7 Ethernet Cable
  • Category 3 Voice Cable

Telecommunications (Voice and Data Networking)

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your business is your telecommunications system. You rely on your telephones to converse with your customers, coordinate your internal operations, and gather critical information. In short, your telephones need to work for your business to run smoothly. Zinga Networks has delivered reliable business telecommunication systems, service, and support for almost two decades. Our customers can count on us to keep them communicating.

We offer a complete range of voice network system services for businesses. We’ll help you determine what type of system fits your current and future operations. The goal is to ensure that your communication needs are matched by the systems we install. We also have cutting-edge voice integration products and services that can improve your internal operations, reducing communication costs.

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