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About Us

We’ve been custom-building network solutions since 1996.

 About Us

Zinga Networks is a leading Internet provider in customer to customer transport and sophisticated high-bandwidth internet connectivity. Based in Richmond Kentucky, our network footprint extends from the Major Access Exchange East (MAE EAST) outside Washington DC to Chicago and then to MAE WEST in San Jose California.   We maintain four V-Data Centers that connect our customers and host our routing equipment.


From the early days in 1995 when Chapel Communications (our original company) began operations in a basement of a private home in Richmond Kentucky with 2 servers and a T1 connection, (at the time that was a big connection), we have been on the cutting edge. Zinga Networks has now pioneered the concept of a Globally Distributed Datacenter (GDD) A GDD is actually a combination of leased rackspace and distributed collection of redundant servers and infrastructures such as Cisco routers, switches and HP intrusion prevention tools combined to host all our Products and Services.

Key features of the Z-Center

  • Integrates hundreds of distributed servers seamlessly
  • Provides high-availability, redundancy and unmatched reliability

Pictures of the Z-Datacenter

Our Zinga-Center Details

Our Datacenter, called the “Z-Center”, consists of servers distributed across various carrier datacenters worldwide. Our primary control center is still Richmond Kentucky, USA. Our main datahub is located in the Amazon facility in Central Pennsylvania, tucked away from major storms paths and geographic faults. Our other 3 datacenters have certain common qualifications described below –

The Zinga Network
Our Z-Centers are connected to the Internet through Gigabit ethernet connections from separate backbone providers, who each run fiber optic cables into the data center through separate entry points. Traffic is handed off to what is called the “Shortest Path” and reaches through major IXC’s (Internet Exchanges)

Zinga Security
To guard against line failure or intrusion, the control center is staffed 24 hours a day. Movement throughout the facility is closed to the public at ALL times. There is 24×7 closed circuit monitoring of all areas and entrances. Between the cameras, access control, and the staff, the datacenter facilities are pretty secure.

The total incoming power is a multiple of what is required to run the datacenter. There is an ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) in place to automatically kick in a generator in case of a power failure. The datacenters are also equipped with redundant EATON UPS systems to ensure clean power.

Servers get hot. Our newer equipment operates MUCH more efficiently and cooler than the equipment we used in the early days of Zinga, but still heat is a bad thing when it comes to hard-drives and routers. We employ redundant A/C systems, each running at a fraction of their capacity. These Liebert Cooling Systems keep the server rooms nice and chilly. The units are alternated so that each one is kept in optimal condition.

Advanced Smoke Detection & Fire Protection Systems
The datacenters are equipped with 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection systems meant specifically for protecting servers and electronic equipment as using ordinary water based systems would cause just as much damage as fire. The system knocks down any sign of fire and rapidly dissipates to gas with zero damage to equipment.

Why the Zinga Datacenter?

Scalability & Reliability
Our centers consists of a complex mesh of global servers that interact with each other. The entire architecture is built upon common principles of High-Availability, Clustering and n+1 Architecture. This allows us to scale our solutions to match your exponential growth by simply adding infrastructure and linking it to this architecture. You are releaved of stress and worries about things like scalability, uptime, network response etc. We make use of VMWare technology to rapidly deploy Virtual Private Serves and to mirror Dedicated Servers to allow for quick recovery in the event of a failure. If you find you need extra bandwidth in the middle of the night because your website was mentioned on the Howard Stern Show (this really happened to a client, you can expand your bandwith and even create fail-over services in real time with no downtime. So rather than worry about the technical stuff…you can instead spend your time focusing on sales and e-commerce as well as a normal life after hours.

The Zinga Global Reach
Zinga Networks along with our partners have invested in infrastructure deployments at various locations globally. You can now leverage upon this global infrastructure and offer a completely private-labeled global experience to YOUR customers without any investments. We handle the selection, negotiation and relationship management with Infrastructure providers around the world. We do not use any system or connection to AT&T and never will. We rely upon neutral, Internet friendly carriers.

White Labeled Architecture
Our Z-Center is a cluster of globally distributed redundant servers of various different operating systems to provide your Customers and Resellers with a large selection of hosting options. The servers, and IP addresses are white-labeled and cannot be traced back to us. If you are one of our Resellers, then the name servers used for any services hosted on these servers would be your branded Name Servers. So for all practical purposes these clusters of hundreds of servers would appear as YOUR servers to your Customers. We stay in the background.

Our multiple redundant connections allow for 100% up-time and VERY fast connections.Zinga Networks

Zinga’s  footprint  allows fiber access to enterprise locations that have a need for direct connections to data centers, and our customizable high-bandwidth internet solutions are unmatched by those of typical enterprise providers. Our specific blend of robust performance, multi-route reliability, and lower total cost of ownership offers unparalleled, enterprise-class service to our customers.

What’s Next for Zinga?

Look for us to add many more connections and continue to expand our network footprint throughout the West Coast in the near future.